The Catalyst Fund

Innovation in Seed Funding

Side by Side Investing

SeedFunders & Catalyst Fund Invest In Unison
We've Thought It Through

Risk Mitigating Model

The fund follows Partners who are putting their own money in. That means aligned interests and skin in the game for the people choosing the investment companies


Catalyst Fund


SeedFunders Partners
& Investor Network


a great bench of partners


to attract, and dig to uncover, the highest potential startups


the company thoroughly with a 4 step process


risk with skin in the game & multiple investor channels


in a meaningful way to increase the likelihood of success.

A Unique Method

At the recent Florida Venture Forum Conference, a panel of fund managers shared that over 50% of their exits were flipping up to larger funds. There is hunger for strong seed stage companies.

Due Diligence and Return

We Dig In Before, During & After the Investment

Less than 5 hours

More than 40 hours

  • Failures
  • 1 to 5x Return
  • 5x or Higher Return

Source: Angel investor Performance Project Funded by Kauffman Foundation and Angel Capital Education Foundation

SeedFunders Vetting Process

Multi-Faceted & Thorough

Companies apply via our website.

Each partner receives the application to review.

Partners analyze companies at our weekly round table.

The best are invited to present in person.

A 3 partner team is formed

Experienced partners undertake an extensive deep dive with the company.

With a term sheet, we share the deal

with our investor network who act as a final litmus test by co-investing.

Superior Partners

Highly Engaged & Driven


From the corporate and startup worlds

There is an adage ‘invest in what you know.’ Our partners have held C-level roles in major corporations and started businesses across a wide spectrum of sectors. Most funds have expertise in the basics, but the most disruptive companies often fall outside of the basics.
We know more and so we can invest more.


Locally and beyond, our network is practically limitless

Florida is a collection point for people from around the world. The collection of partners at SeedFunders is no exception. Our group has ties well beyond Tampa Bay and we’re only a couple degrees of separation from nearly anyone we can connect with to help our investments.


What early stage companies so desperately need, but rarely get

Our partners have met weekly for 2 hours since the inception of SeedFunders. This level of activity in an angel group speaks to our culture of high energy – deep involvement with our early stage investments. The partners know what new companies need and join SeedFunders to roll up their sleeves and participate.

Real Participation

More Than Money
If you are an accredited investor and interested in learning more about the Catalyst Fund, please contact us using the form below.